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Statoil talks up natural gas

Energy giant Statoil is calling for natural gas to be part of Europe’s long-term energy mix.

“We are making the case for natural gas and pointing out that this energy source is a particular attractive option in the power segment, being cost competitive, relying on proven technology and having the lowest CO2 footprint compared to other fossil fuels,” said Rune Bjørnson, Statoil’s senior vice-president for natural gas.

Statoil argues that Europe could tackle the challenge of meeting growing energy demand while at the same reducing the CO2 emissions if it turned to natural gas.

“Our contribution is to focus on an energy source we deem as an obvious and cost-efficient solution that can make a large contribution in meeting both the issue of energy supply and reducing CO2 emissions.”

“In our view, natural gas should have a key role to play in EU’s long term energy mix as it is an affordable, abundant and a low carbon fossil fuel,” Mr Bjørnson added.

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