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Is 2021 the year of eco-consciousness? Almost three-in-four Brits want to be more sustainable

Nearly 73% of Brits want to be more sustainable in 2021.

That’s according to new research by Garnier, which suggests almost 62% of the UK public place a reduction in their use of plastic products as their number one green priority for the new year.

The survey also showed more than a quarter have already started to make changes in their everyday life as a result of the pandemic.

Almost 29% of those surveyed said that Covid-19 had made them reevaluate their priorities while 34% stated that brands’ offerings of more environmentally-friendly products helped them to switch their behaviour to greener alternatives.

The survey which was conducted across eight countries also suggests there are nearly three times as many people resolving to take action to help the planet than give up alcohol in the new year.

Garnier’s Global Brand President, Adrien Koskas, commented: “This report proves that 2020 was a wakeup call to protect our planet. The research looks at eight countries, across four continents and shows that 2020 has acted as a stark reminder that we all need to take steps towards a greener planet.”

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