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‘SMEs need to get the ball rolling on their net zero journey’

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https://youtu.be/28O3fsvgTn8SMEs need to get the ball rolling on their net zero journey.

That’s the suggestion from Tim Ross, Head of Account Management at Advantage Utilities, who spoke to us about why he supports the future Net Zero Standard and how it means small companies can start measuring their emissions and taking action to reduce them right away.

The future Net Zero Standard is an intuitive and simple-to-use way for you to record where you are in terms of carbon footprint, monitor your decarbonisation progress and benchmark yourself against the rest of your sector.

When asked why his business wanted to get involved, Mr Ross said: “A lot of our customers are involved in logistics, transport, warehouse – we’ve got a lot of customers in that mid-market space across all spectrums and ultimately as businesses they serve the community and the employees that they employ and the demand for this is getting greater.

“Legislation is coming into force and is likely to increasingly become the case going forward, so we need to make sure that our customers are up to speed with that and are very well-equipped to meet those requirements, for their business interests as well as any corporate social responsibilities that they may have.”

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