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albert unveils new carbon calculator to make TV and film emissions a wrap

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albert has launched an updated carbon calculator and certification toolkit to help TV and film productions better measure their carbon impacts and work towards reducing their emissions.

The consortium, made up of UK TV broadcasters and other independent parties from across the industry, originally launched the tool in August 2011.

The new version features a broader range of questions covering additional activities that aim to allow businesses to better assess their own impact against the industry-standard and against other productions in the genre.

It will be made available in more than 10 local language versions in early 2021 to maximise the global reach of the tool.

Roser Canela Mas, albert’s Industry Sustainability Manager said: “We’re incredibly proud of the albert calculator and certification tools but as new innovations come to the market and as the productions we work with become increasingly sophisticated, we felt now was the right time for a revamp, making sure that we can offer a world-class product that can truly help any production large or small to reduce its environmental impact.”

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