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Volvo Cars teams up with Sweden’s Gothenburg to create climate-neutral city

Volvo Cars has partnered with the city of Gothenburg in Sweden to develop a climate-neutral city that will test a range of electrified and autonomous technologies.

The initiative, called Gothenburg Green City Zone, aims to create an area within Scandinavia’s largest port city which is completely emission-free.

The zone will be designed to offer a variety of climate-neutral means of transport and infrastructure and will be used as a testing ground for sustainable technologies, including autonomous robotaxis.

Geo-enabling solutions and services ensuring that cars in the zone operate in electric-only mode and remain within speed limits will also be trialled.

The initiative is expected to start this spring.

Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Cars, said: “We want to use our knowledge and technology to help create a future city that is electrified, connected, shared and climate-neutral.”

“This is an opportunity to lead by example, by testing new technologies and services in a live large scale environment, we can show that if it is possible here, it is possible anywhere.”

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