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‘The future Net Zero Standard is fast becoming the go-to accreditation for the SME sector’

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The future Net Zero Standard is fast becoming the go-to accreditation for the SME sector.

That’s the suggestion from Siân Haynes, Key Account Manager at Jutton Associates Limited, who spoke to us about the vital role of the intuitive and simple-to-use tool, which offers businesses a way to record where they are in terms of carbon footprint, monitor decarbonisation progress and benchmark themselves against the rest of the sector.

Mrs Haynes said: “We’ve got a vast range of customers on our portfolio and we do find that there’s a lot of support out there for larger businesses but for the smaller ones, it’s been really difficult to know where to start in certifying your commitment towards net zero, so I think this Standard gives the smaller energy users a brilliant platform to certify that they too care about future sustainability and we care too – we think we should lead by example and we’ve achieved our own certification and now we want to help customers achieve theirs as well.”

Through the future Net Zero Standard, Jutton Associates Limited (JAL) has created its benchmark carbon footprint – it has been certified as 959kg Co2e for the period 19 January 2019 to 19 December 2019.

Mrs Haynes added: “This Standard is already becoming the go-to accreditation for the SME sector and it’s a clear indication that it can only grow and it’s going to be a gold standard for best practice in the industry – it’s clear that something like this has been needed for such a long time.”

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