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Mott MacDonald appointed as technical integration and optimisation contractor for NortH2 project

Mott MacDonald has been appointed as the technical integration and optimisation contractor for the NortH2 Consortium’s NortH2 project.

NortH2 aims to establish an international hydrogen market through developing large-scale production, storage and transport of green hydrogen for energy-intensive industrial sectors such as steel production.

It would involve the construction of new offshore wind farms dedicated to generating power to electrolyse hydrogen – by 2030, the consortium hopes to integrate 4GW of offshore wind energy into the green hydrogen value chain, scaling up to more than 10GW by 2040 – it forecasts this would enable a carbon emissions reduction in excess of 10 megatonnes per year.

Mott MacDonald will develop conceptual designs that will be carried forward to a final investment decision, as well as collate, evaluate and develop a range of potential technical solutions required to realise the project

Ian Clarke, Mott MacDonald’s global sector leader for energy, said: “The development of green hydrogen production projects like this are critical to achieving North-West Europe’s net-zero ambitions and meeting their energy needs.

“Phase one alone aims to generate 4GW of green offshore energy to produce, store and distribute hydrogen to end consumers such as hard to abate industrial sectors by 2030.”

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