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Pritt stick glue is now made from 97% natural ingredients

Consumer goods company Henkel has re-released the Pritt stick, which is now made of 97% natural ingredients.

The new glue is made from water, potato starch and other natural ingredients, while the container comprises of 65% post-industrial recycled plastics. Henkel says the sticks are fully-recyclable.

The previous Pritt stick was made of 90% natural ingredients. Henkel declared its pride in increasing the sustainability of its product, while maintaining its quality.

Daniela Alves, Pritt Brand Manager at Henkel UK, said: “The new formula comes with the same excellent performance – Pritt is every bit as safe, durable and flexible as ever.

“Replacing a significant amount of plastics with post-industrial recycled plastic and ensuring the tubes are recyclable is good news for children, parents and teachers who care deeply about plastic waste.”

This release is in line with the manufacturer’s new packaging and environmental targets for 2025.

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