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‘The future Net Zero Standard is ideal to help busy businesses get started on delivering net zero’

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The future Net Zero Standard‘s usability means it provides busy businesses with a clean and easy pathway to get started on delivering net zero.

That’s the suggestion from Inteb’s Jamie Flanagan, who spoke to us about the tool’s effectiveness in giving businesses from across all industries a way to record where they are in terms of their carbon footprint, monitor ongoing decarbonisation progress and benchmark themselves against the rest of the sector.

He said: “We have seen the future Net Zero Standard as a very usable way for businesses to get a hold of their environmental and sustainability credentials, to do it in a way that is accredited by a third-party, and essentially start off down the road to understanding who they are from a sustainability standpoint.

“It’s a very usable dashboard, the path to achieving the certification is simple, it’s well-thought-out and it just fitted, we thought, with the state of UK business at the minute, they have their usual production concerns, they also have the pandemic to deal with and the effects of Brexit, so it is a simple and usable pathway to the sustainability piece.”

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