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Podcast: The importance of building strong EV charging infrastructure and how the Public Sector is key

Adam Chilab, EV Product and Propositions Manager at British Gas Business,

spoke to future Net Zero about the vital role the public sector has to play in building a strong electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure to reach   2050 decarbonisation targets.

He said: The primary factor or the driving force is always going to be the impact that EV adoption has on the environment, so just as an example, a journey in an EV car has typically a third of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions compared to that of a diesel or a petrol.

“I think the government has set out a very clear and aggressive ambition to support the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions through that clean air strategy over the next ten years and the public sector is probably a reflection of these ambitions and need to live and breathe it as part of their day-to-day.”

He added that there are a range of economic advantages EV adoption can offer the public sector, such as charging customers to use infrastructure, which will be essential to help businesses reach lower running costs and net zero targets.

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