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We need simple solutions that inspire change – and the FNZ Standard with CBN Expert offers just that

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We need simple solutions that inspire change – and the future Net Zero Standard with CBN Expert offers just that.

That’s the suggestion from Kaylea Thomas, Founder and Director at Pause Zero Ltd, who told future Net Zero that in order to maximise the number of businesses working to decarbonise their operations, a simple, affordable and engaging tool is needed.

She said: “For me, my purpose of trying to get as many businesses as possible on the right direction of travel, the FNZ Standard is one of the solutions for me to be able to do that.”

Kaylea also spoke about the importance of businesses recording where they are in terms of their current carbon emissions, monitoring ongoing decarbonisation progress and benchmarking themselves against their sector.

She added: “As a global collective we have to reduce our emissions, that’s the ultimate goal, and I think that if you look at the statistics, it’s approximately 20%, 25% comes from businesses.

“So for a business to be able to have a look and measure their emissions and recognise what reductions they need to make, I think not only is it going to help contribute to those goals, but ultimately I believe it will future-proof their business as well.”

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