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Apple’s green bonds funded a total of 17 renewable projects in 2020

Apple funded 17 renewable projects last year with $2.8 billion (£2bn) of investment from the company’s green bonds.

Green bonds are issued to back projects that have positive environmental and climate benefits.

The projects are forecast to generate 1.2GW of renewable energy and avoid an average of 921,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

That translates to removing nearly 200,000 cars from the road.

The tech giant, which has issued three sets of green bonds since 2016, has committed to becoming carbon-neutral across its entire business, manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030.

The company said all of its data centres have been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2014.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, said: “We all have a responsibility to do everything we can to fight against the impacts of climate change, and our $4.7 billion (£3.3bn) investment of the proceeds from our green bond sales is an important driver in our efforts. Ultimately, clean power is good business.”

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