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Aker Carbon Capture and Siemens Energy team up for sustainable power generation

Aker Carbon Capture (ACC) and Siemens Energy have teamed up to develop combined offerings for carbon capture solutions that can be applied to gas turbines and gas-fired power plants.

They have signed a memorandum of understanding for a technology collaboration to further advance technical optimisation within the whole process of power generation as well as explore ways to jointly fast-track development of major projects globally.

The collaboration will initially focus on the European market for new low carbon power generation, where a combination of new turbines and carbon capture and storage (CCS) can provide sustainable solutions fit for the 21st century.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), gas-fired power plants contributed 23% of global power generation in 2019.

In Europe, gas use in power generation increased by around 4% as countries switched from coal to gas, thereby reducing emissions levels – applying carbon capture to gas plants limits the emissions entering the atmosphere and in many regions, further supports the case for gas to be part of a sustainable energy mix.

Karim Amim, Executive Vice President for Power Generation at Siemens Energy said: “The drive towards net zero carbon emissions is gaining speed throughout the energy industry.

“We are pleased to co-operate with Aker Carbon Capture providing our customers with highly efficient gas turbines equipped with highly efficient carbon capture solutions to support their decarbonisation journeys.”

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