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Gaia Says No! – Africa: Episode 3. Energy Transition

Welcome to our new podcast series, Gaia Says No! – Africa, where we will explore the role the continent has to play in delivering net zero, as well as investigate the impacts of human behaviours upon the region.

In this series I will be accompanied by William Pollen, Director of Invest in Africa, in each episode of the series.

In this third episode, we look at the energy transition that is happening across Africa. Known for its oil and gas reserves, the continent is also a treasure trove for rare earth elements used for telecoms, batteries and IT. It also has vast natural resources such as solar, wind and hydro so what is it doing to harness this?

Once again we will hear from  Stanley Nyoni, Sustainability and Leadership Advisor who is based in Sweden and has vast experience working with policy makers in various nations. And we are joined by Dr Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director of LADOL Free Zone in Lagos, Nigeria one of the leading young energy voices of Africa.

Listen to the full podcast to find out more…

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