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‘ARC energy efficiency software could help businesses slash power use by a fifth’

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ARC (Automated Response Command) energy efficiency software could help businesses reduce their electricity use by as much as a fifth.

That was the suggestion from Chris Toze, Head of Energy Services at Utility Team, who spoke to future Net Zero about the company’s newly launched software solution.

Designed and built to optimise the cooling loads of commercial and industrial chiller equipment, ARC aims to benefit a business’s commercial and environmental performance by intelligently reducing power usage by between 8% and 20% against total Chiller power consumption.

Chris said: “As a solution, it’s easy to install, offers very high levels of visibility so there’s no ambiguity around its efficacy, and at no capital outlay, I think we’ve really ticked all of the boxes and now it’s deploying at scale.”

To find out more, watch the full video.

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