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New partnership formed to help UK schools become carbon-neutral by 2030

Non-profit organisation Just One Tree has joined forces with national campaign Let’s Go Zero to help UK schools become carbon-neutral by 2030.

Their partnership aims to encourage schools to hold a ‘Just One Tree Day’ on Friday 15th October (1st October for Scotland), to help raise money to stop deforestation and protect species, increasing biodiversity.

For every £1 raised, a tree will be planted on behalf of the schoolchildren, with schools receiving tools to help learn about the environment in return.

Since its inception, 420 schools have partnered with Just One Tree, with close to 1 million trees being planted in the last 18 months.

Amanda Bronkhorst, Founder of Just One Tree, commented: “We are delighted to be partnering with Let’s Go Zero’s national campaign calling for government backing for zero carbon schools.

“We’re asking parents to encourage their children’s school to host a ‘Just One Tree Day’ and be part of a global movement empowering children in making a real difference for a greener future. ‘Just One Tree Day’ is a simple and free way for schools to help compensate for their environmental impact.”

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