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Net Zero 101

future Net Zero is launching Net Zero 101.

This is the place where we will tell you all the basics of the terms around net zero.

We will explain the difference between Carbon Neutrality and offsetting, Scope 3 emissions and COPs.

If you want to learn about net zero terms and legislation this is the place to start. And with help from our partners, we will offer immediate ways to help reduce your emissions with products and services available right now.

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Net Zero 101


You might have never heard of SF6 – it’s an extremely potent greenhouse gas, but why do we need it?

Find out more here.

Electric Vehicles

No longer relegated to the pages of science fiction, electric cars are now commonplace on our country’s roads. But how do they work and can they really help decarbonise the tricky transport sector?

Find out more here.

Biomass Energy

The term biomass refers to all kinds of organic matter – but what does that have to do with energy and net zero?

Find out more here.

Clean Heat

You might know all about clean energy but are you up to speed on clean heat? Along with transport, heat is one of the hardest sectors to decarbonise – but it can be done.

Find out more here.


COP26 is being heralded as the most important event for climate change since the Paris Agreement… but what exactly is it, who’s going and how will it make a difference?

Find out more here.

The Energy White Paper

The government has launched its long-awaited Energy White Paper to clean up the nation’s energy systems and ensure the journey to net zero by 2050 is achievable and affordable – but what does it actually say?

Greenhouse gases

This is what it’s all about. Cutting down greenhouse gases but are they all bad?

Net Zero

We’re all on the pathway to net zero by 2050 but what is it? What does it mean and how is it defined?


So many organisations boast they are carbon-neutral or can be so very soon. How is it possible and what does this entail?


Let’s all offset our emissions! To what and how?

Paris Agreement

Trump pulled the USA out of it. Biden is going back in. But what happened in Paris and what was agreed?

Scope 1, 2, 3

Organisations and companies are always talking about cutting their scope 1,2,3 emissions but there are actually more than three!

Find out more here.


Who or what is the UNFCCC and why is it so important in the global picture?


You have seen people wearing badges that show the colours of the SDGs but who came up with them and do you know how many there are?

Science-based targets

Another catchphrase – ‘we’re setting science-based targets as a business’ – but what science and which target?

Energy storage

If we are to transition to a renewable future we will need to stop intermittent supply so how do we store our green energy to use it for another day?

More videos coming soon! What do you want to know about? 

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