Former energy minister to oversee SP Energy Networks’ power plans

Charles Hendry will scrutinise the electricity distribution network operator’s future business plans

MPs, energy sector firms launch smart power alliance

  A group of organisations in the UK energy industry have joined forces to create new markets for smart technologies and hep enable consumers to become generators. The Smart Power Industries Alliance (SPIA), officially launched in Westminster yesterday, consists of network operators, electricity storage and flexibility providers, renewable trade groups, IT firms, tech bodies and […]

Former energy minister to lead tidal lagoon review

A group that will assess the feasibility of tidal lagoons in the UK will be led by former Energy Minister Charles Hendry. He will be supported by a team of seconded civil servants for the Independent Review of Tidal Lagoons. It follows an announcement of the review earlier this year. Mr Hendry was part of […]

Nuclear needs political consensus “to keep it cheap”

Nuclear power needs to keep political support behind it in order to keep it cheap. That’s according to a new inquiry co-chaired by former Energy Minister and MP Charles Hendry which found political consensus is “critical” because planning and building the power stations often spans two to three political cycles. Currently the UK’s three largest […]

‘Low regrets’ – a new way to view renewables?

Low regrets – it could be a lyric from melancholy French singer Edith Piaf’s repertoire. But it’s actually the advice dished out in a new report on the way renewable energy sources in the UK should be treated. The report from think-tank Carbon Connect suggests setting “minimum levels” of deployment for green energy which repeatedly […]

Reports finds coal future “uncertain”, plays down UK shale gas

Fossil fuels are still going to be important for the UK but the future for coal looks “uncertain” according to a new inquiry which also plays down the role of shale gas. Led by former energy minister Charles Hendry for think tank Carbon Connect, the independent report argues significantly decarbonising the power sector by 2030 […]

New inquiry to look at future UK energy supply

A new independent inquiry to investigate the future of electricity supply in the UK was launched yesterday. The ‘Future Electricity Series’ is a three-phase nine-month research, which will explore the three “pillars” of electricity supply – fossil fuels, renewables and nuclear – and what role they can play in meeting the Government’s objectives of providing […]

Blog: DECC tensions are there – but it’s less Lib Dem-Tory, more Tory on Tory

For a bill that’s been delayed “longer than it takes an elephant to gestate”, as MP and chair of the energy select committee Tim Yeo so succinctly put it at the EIC event I was at last week, yesterday’s energy legislation has certainly caused enough grief on the way out. While we’ve been waiting for […]

Blog: the new Energy Minister begins his charm offensive

An eye-catching magenta tie, arms flung wide, a few breezy jokes: this was one of the first public outings of John Hayes in his new role as Energy Minister. He kicked off the charm offensive at the launch of Pembroke Power Station by dispensing with a pre-prepared speech, instead seeming to freestyle a set of […]

Tony Ward’s reaction to Charles Hendry’s departure

Tony Ward, Head of Power and Utilites at Ernst & Young, tells ELN his views on Charles Hendry’s shock departure as Energy Minister.

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