Brit energy bills “too cheap” say academics

Energy bills in the UK are far too cheap for most according to academics at Newcastle University. Today they sent a note to MPs raising concerns about politicians’ constant talk of affordable energy and cutting emissions. They argue the way electricity and gas is sold today means that “energy becomes cheaper the more we use”. […]

We need cheap energy so scrap wind, says UKIP leader

UKIP’s Nigel Farage told ELN today the UK needs “cheap energy” and the Government should “scrap” policy backing wind power. Today he also criticised European lawmakers for bringing the country to a point where the “lights go out by 2015” and slammed the “stupidity” of letting control of the country’s energy supply slip out of […]

Businesses should avoid “blasé” attitude to energy – Gazprom Energy

Businesses should avoid “blasé” attitudes to energy and think outside the box, according to Gazprom Energy’s Head of Power. With energy bills increasing “year on year” leaving customers more concerned about reducing their costs, he suggests firms can be more proactive. Steve Armitage told ELN in an interview: “Customers can do things. We’re all a […]

Cheap US energy should “worry” British firms

Cheap American energy prices “should be a worry” to British and European businesses, the Managing Director of TATA Chemicals Europe warned today. Speaking at the Combined Heat and Power Association’s conference in London, Dr Martin Ashcroft also suggested major energy and heat-using industries are fed up with “simplistic” criticism over being wasteful. Asked about the […]

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