Elkem to develop £15m biocarbon pilot plant in Canada

The project supports the company’s long term goal of contributing to climate-neutral metal production

UK’s chemical industry backs 2050 target

The industry is the country’s biggest manufacturing exporter and among its largest energy users

Jaguar Land Rover explores using recycled plastic on its cars

The car giant is working with German chemical company BASF to develop the ‘premium-grade’ material

River pollution test
Chemical leak forces 34 Malaysian schools to close

Chemicals dumped into the Kim Kim river have caused 469 people to fall sick

Chemical firms ‘lagging on going green’

Major chemical companies are failing to meet international climate change obligations despite innovating in low carbon products. That’s according to a new report from CDP, which suggests the industry responsible for an eighth of global industrial carbon emissions is unlikely to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement at its current rate. Although many of […]

UK to gain more control of civil plutonium

The UK’s nuclear authority is to conduct a series of plutonium swaps and transfers in a bid to allow the nation to gain more control of the chemical element. The Department of Energy and Climate Change said the transactions will offer a cost-effective and beneficial arrangement and avoid the need to physically transport plutonium – […]

Toxic gas leads to mass evacuation in Germany

Around 1,400 people were evacuated from their homes in Germany today after a chemical leak in a factory caused a cloud of poisonous gas. The accident occurred in a factory run by US food giant Kraft in Bad Fallingbostel, a small town in Northern Germany. Reports claim the incident happened when employees accidentally poured acid […]

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