Talking Energy with Christoph Frei from World Energy Council

  ELN Editor Sumit Bose speaks to Christoph Frei, Secretary General of the World Energy Council (WEC) about everything from Brexit, Donald Trump, digitisation of energy to cyber security and climate change.

‘Keeping Europe’s energy systems connected is fundamental’

Keeping Europe’s energy systems well connected following Brexit is too fundamental and important to not happen. That’s according to Secretary General of the World Energy Council (WEC), Christoph Frei, who spoke to ELN about what Brexit could mean for the energy sector and whether cyber security risks are something people should be more concerned about. He said: “In a time of rapid […]

Europe’s energy firms must “rethink” business model

Europe’s energy companies can’t afford to ignore the fundamental changes to how people get power and gas, says the boss of the World Energy Council. His comments suggest large, centralised energy companies can no longer rest on their laurels and assume they will always succeed, in the face of new renewable energy sources much closer to homes […]

UK Government should ‘follow Obama’s lead on energy policy’

The UK Government is being urged to follow the US President’s lead on energy policy as Barack Obama laid out new proposals for the US to fight climate change earlier this week. The call from Barry Gardiner MP, Leader of the Opposition’s Special Envoy for Climate Change and Environment comes as a new report published […]

Investors don’t expect ‘casino returns’

Dr Christoph Frei, the World Energy Council’s Secretary General tells ELN why the UN’s scheme to benchmark countries’ energy use is a good idea – and why investors don’t expect ‘casino’-style returns.

New global sustainability index published

World Energy Council ranks countries on sustainability

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