Banks back research into carbon “stranded” investments

Banks are backing research looking at which investments are at risk of losing value because they could be replaced by ‘greener’ technology or jeopardised by their link with carbon-heavy sectors. Academics at the University of Oxford say they want to help businesses and policy-makers avoid an investment “bubble”, caused by investments in assets that might […]

Government’s Energy Bill a ‘missed opportunity’

The UK Government’s long awaited legislation is a “missed opportunity” and does not put the country towards a sustainable future. That’s according to the chief of The Climate Group, responding to the details of the Energy Bill announced by DECC earlier today. The Government revealed there would be a delay in setting a decarbonisation target […]

‘We can only see a year ahead’, fret renewable investors

Businesses and investors in the renewable sector fear they can only see a year ahead because of confusing policy signals over key subsidies. More than 200 investors, solar and wind power firms, charities and trade unions have signed a letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg asking them to ensure […]

SSE lose out on wind farm buyer

Climate Change Capital have pulled out of a 50% share buy of the Braes of Doune onshore wind farm, owned by Scottish and Southern Energy. Due to financial market conditions, Climate Change Capital has decided to postpone its associated fund raising.Gregor Alexander, Finance Director of SSE, said: “While it is disappointing that the sale of […]

GiB to start a year early with £3bn funding says Osborne

The Green Investment Bank will start trading next year with a total start-up fund from the government of £3bn. And the UK will become the first country in the world to introduce a floor price for carbon. These were the two green headlines from this afternoon’s Budget. As predicted, Chancellor George Osborne revealed that the […]

Carbon price floor policy will not win over investors

The government’s existing carbon price floor policy will fail to give confidence to investors. That’s the claim of investment manager and advisory group Climate Change Capital, which says investors will look negatively at the current policy because it will be implemented through the tax system. Climate Change Capital states that investors would have to hope […]

Electricity reform package must not "get derailed"

Environmental investment management company Climate Change Capital has said that today’s electricity market reform plans “could provide much needed certainty for investors”. Vice-chairman James Cameron said: “Together with effective carbon pricing, this package could finally make clean, green technologies permanently more attractive to investors than conventional polluting ones.” He added: “Huge amounts of private capital […]

European renewables finance team formed

Environmental investment manager Climate Change Capital has predicted that “a complete overhaul of energy infrastructure” will need “considerable amounts of private capital”, and has formed a European renewable energy infrastructure asset management team. Climate Change Capital’s chief executive Shaun Mays said: “With our partners in the EU increasingly committed to stricter emissions targets and a […]

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