‘SuMo’ smartphone app wrestles workers’ energy waste

The makers of a new smartphone app called ‘SuMo’ claim it will motivate employees to reduce waste by up to 15% – saving firms money along the way. CloudApps believes this will help firms to cut their costs by using the game’s challenges, leader boards, badges, points and a reward system. The app uses competition […]

Don’t panic over carbon reporting – “embrace it”

Nick Clegg’s plans to make all firms listed on the London Stock Exchange report on their carbon from 2013 have been hailed as “good for the British economy”. The Deputy Prime Minister’s announcement this week came as a surprise to some despite the fact many businesses have been campaigning for it for a while. Privately […]

Businesses and utilities should deal with drought

As the South East embarks on a hosepipe ban today, the utilities expect to save water through their customers using less. However, some say we shouldn’t be relying on the average consumer to skip their daily shower and instead should focus on improving our waste in general. Peter Grant, CEO of environmental efficiency firm CloudApps […]

Festival Net Zero 2021