EU bank backs cleaner buses in Spain with €27.5m financing

It will support the modernisation of Grupo Ruiz’s bus fleet with the rollout of 32 electric and 141 compressed natural gas buses

CNG renewables launches ‘clean’ energy project in Kenya

Commercial gas specialist CNG has turned its ‘Power UP’ concept into an even greater force for good with an ambitious crowdfunded renewables project; set to transform the lives of more than 600 children in Kenya. Shower Up will see two fully-equipped, solar powered shower blocks (made from recycled shipping containers) provided for Turasha School in […]

Tata Motors unveils India’s first biomethane bus

Tata Motors has unveiled the first biomethane bus in India. It has developed three models, with one already rolled out in the city of Pune. The compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles are expected to reduce emissions and contribute to a greener environment. The automotive giant said the use of bio-CNG will support the nation’s Smart […]

Ameresco wins Best Customer Service award

Ameresco has taken home the Best Customer Service trophy at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA). The award-winning event celebrates the best of the best TPIs and energy consultants in the industry. Nearly 600 people attended the awards show at the Honourable Artillery Company in London. The judges said: “Ameresco won because they showed clear […]

Primary schools get energy education scheme

An independent gas supplier has developed a series of energy based lesson plans. The ‘Bright Sparks’ education programme aims to give primary school pupils aged seven to 11 a basic idea of how energy supply works. CNG hopes it will help address the negative perception of the energy industry as a place of “confusion, doubt and even fear” by outlining […]

CNG’s first green project is an eco-school

A commercial gas supplier has launched its renewable energy division with an eco-school project. CNG will provide solar power to an innovative new education centre in Leeds that will be built out of shipping containers. The modular construction will be powered by a range of green energy sources and hopes to offer an alternative to traditional […]

‘Suppliers and consultants need not compete’

There is no need for energy suppliers and consultants to have to compete with each other. That’s according to Jacqui Hall, Managing Director of independent gas supplier CNG, who spoke to ELN at our Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) in Manchester last week. She said: “Consultants are too important to us to step on each […]

New trucks could make Waitrose the greenest of grocers

Waitrose has launched Europe’s first long-range renewable biomethane truck fleet. The 10 Scania-built lorries use new, high-pressure carbon fuel tanks to store compressed natural gas (CNG), which allow for more methane to be squeezed in, massively increasing their range from 300 miles to 500 miles. CNG fuel is around 40% cheaper than diesel and emits 70% less Carbon Dioxide – each lorry will save more than […]

Encourage the good energy brokers that exist

The industry should encourage the good brokers that exist and help make changes from within. That’s the view of independent gas supplier CNG, which states it will only work with good brokers and those who do “good things”. The comment follows news the code of practice for third party intermediaries (TPIs), which has had a […]

YPO wins Best Customer Service award at TELCA

  The Best Customer Service trophy was given to YPO at The Energy Live Consultancy Awards (TELCA). Energy Efficiency & Policy Specialist Georgina Penfold said she was “really, really chuffed”. When asked why she believed the company deserved the award, sponsored by CNG, Ms Penfold added: “YPO, we’re not for profit, we work pretty much […]

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