A day at the New Energy Market

ELN Chief Reporter Priyanka Shrestha takes you on a tour through the events of the day during our latest conference, the New Energy Market.

Co-op to re-invest 5p Scots plastic bag charge

Supermarket Co-op plans to pump all the money it makes from re-usable bags and carrier bags into Scottish community projects. Scotland’s compulsory charge on plastic bags comes into effect on 20th October. The recycling body tasked with stamping out waste in Scotland is encouraging retailers to sign up to its Carrier Bag Commitment and donate […]

Queen to visit Co-op HQ – the world's most environmentally friendly building

Today the Queen will visit the Co-operative Group’s headquarters which has just been declared the most environmentally-friendly building in the world. The 14 storey Angel Square building in Manchester is powered by a generator under its ground floor from crops grown on the Group’s farms. It is heated and cooled with a natural ventilation system […]

Dutch wind turbine co-op ‘breaks crowdfunding world record’

A Dutch company claims to have broken the world record for crowdfunding after it raised €1.3 million (£1.09 million) for a wind turbine co-operative in just 13 hours. The 6,648 ‘wind shares’ were sold by Windcentrale to 1,700 households at €200 (£168) a pop. For the next 12 years ‘windsharers’ will receive their own sustainable […]

Coming soon – Scotland’s first co-operative owned wind turbine

The first wind turbine in Scotland to be wholly owned by a co-operative is coming soon, following the recent launch of the Dingwall Wind Co-op. The 250 kW turbine was originally planned as a private venture but the owners of the Knockbain Farm – where it will be built – were persuaded to turn the […]

Co-op reaches £700m investment in green projects

The Co-operative Group has announced it has so far lent £700 million to renewable energy projects in the last year, making it well ahead of schedule for its pledge to dish out £1 billion toward green energy by 2013. As part of a plan to become the most socially responsible business in the UK, the […]

Which smart meter?

Seven energy companies have vowed not to sell their products to customers while making smart meter installations. According to Which? research 93% of people say they would not let an energy company salesperson into their home, and 31% would not even open the door to them. When it comes to smart meters, customers will have […]

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