India and Japan sign energy deal

India and Japan have reportedly signed agreements to work together in areas including the energy sector. The deal was struck during Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s trip to India over the weekend to help the nation’s growing economy. Japan will provide a loan to increase power generation in India and help the country boost energy […]

India to ‘auction 46 oil and gas blocks’

The Indian Government is reportedly planning to auction 46 oil and gas blocks by next month in a bid to boost local output and cut its dependence on imports. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is calling on local and foreign firms to drill in India as the demand for energy is increasing. Although auctions of oil […]

Indian scientists call for nuclear reactors’ inspection

Scientists in India have joined forces to express their concern over the nuclear plant soon to be commissioned in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. They wrote a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as well as the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala about the quality of the components and equipment used at […]

Germany loans India cash for renewable energy

The German Government will provide India a loan worth €1 billion (£860m) to help the country develop its renewable energy plans. Reports claim the two nations signed a joint declaration during inter-governmental talks in Berlin. The loan is expected to help India develop grid integration technology of renewable energy and speed up the construction of […]

‘Affordable’ electricity for all Indian homes

The Indian Government is set to provide “affordable” electricity to all homes across the nation by 2017. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who made the announcement earlier this week said: “The Government of India aims to provide 24×7 electricity to all households in the country and affordable access to electricity in the next five years.” He […]

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